Learning & Development

At ESPN, our people are our most valuable resource. We hire the best, and support, empower, and develop them to achieve their goals both personally and professionally.

Curiosity is the fuel that drives ESPN’s learning and development culture. With our 70-20-10 approach to development, employees have access to a range of experiences, both formal and informal. Whether you enjoy learning with colleagues in a class environment, engaging with a mentor, diving into a vast library of online programs, or participating in enriching on-the-job experiences, ESPN has what it takes to develop leaders at all levels.

In addition, being a part of The Walt Disney Company allows us to tap into learning and development experiences across the enterprise that are uniquely Disney and the quality you would expect. Our people are the reason we’re the “Worldwide Leader in Sports,” and we are committed to their ongoing growth and development.

Together, we create exceptional employee experiences with a passionate commitment to PEOPLE, PARTNERSHIPS, CULTURE and EXCELLENCE.

At ESPN, employees have access to thousands of resources, instructor-led classes, performance support systems, and education reimbursement for job-related degree programs.


At ESPN, all employees can benefit from Open Access. It’s based on the philosophy that mentoring should be widely available to anyone who wants to learn from others, build relationships and achieve their goals. To make sure our mentors and mentees get the most out of their relationships, we use special technology to guide our matching process.


Our world-class training programs are customizable to you and your goals. With more than 10,000 online reference materials and resources, instructor-led classes, and education reimbursement for job-related degree programs, ESPN offers an array of tools. They include but are not exclusive to:

  • Professional Development
  • Management/Leadership Development
  • Computer Skills
  • Business Immersion Programs
  • Individual Career Development
ESPN is known for innovation and for offering a variety of learning opportunities.
Enter a learning environment that encourages everyone in every role to enhance your career and reach your goals.