Meet Our People

They’re seasoned professionals. They’re emerging stars. They’re a mix of confident, electric, know-the-meaning-of-triumph employees at ESPN. Take a minute and read their stories. It’s one of the best ways to see if you’re ready for a position at ESPN.

  • Katie Production
    “I started as an intern 3 years ago. And just last year, I was able to bring the World Series of Poker into a new format. It’s now a permanent part of the broadcast.”

  • Keri Corporate Communications
    “My biggest success has been in defining a role for myself surrounded by a group of superstars.”

  • Francis Production
    “Each day we all bring tons of enthusiasm to the office. It gives us the confidence to be the best on all levels.”

  • Chenille Production
    “I had the skills that were needed to help with the successful launch of a new Spanish speaking network – ESPN Deportes.”

  • Patrick Production
    “I’ve had the opportunity to recruit and sign top on-air talent. It’s just proof that what I do every day has a positive impact on the TV screen.”

  • Kalidia Operations
    “In the International Department, I get to speak my native Spanish language when working with Latin America. It’s such a great feeling to be valued for who I am.”

  • Vince News
    “Being in the middle of a breaking news story or a big enterprise piece still gives me a rush.”

  • Mike Employee Wellness & Services
    “I’ve learned to never be satisfied with the ordinary, if the extraordinary is what you want.”

  • Rob Digital Media
    “Our audience’s passion pushes us to do bigger and better things. It makes our culture of creativity intoxicating.”

  • Alix Security
    “I get to travel the world, attend major sporting events and work with talented people – all while being supported by a great company.”