Corporate Sustainability

A greener planet for us all to play on.

It’s our fishing sanctuary, our local soccer pitch, our makeshift dirt bike track – but in the end, the Earth needs just as much attention as the things we enjoy in life. ESPN is proud to do its part to promote and resurrect a greener world. From our virtually waste-free, carbon neutral 2009 ESPY ceremony to our eco-friendly corporate offices, we put heart and soul into being environmentally responsible.

Here are just a few of our environmental initiatives:

  • Compostable to-go containers, cutlery & napkins in cafeteria
  • LEED compliance for all new construction & renovations
  • Recycling of light bulbs, batteries, construction debris, and used cooking oil
  • Donation or recycling of old office furniture
  • Reduced environmental impact & energy conservation at events
  • Virtually waste-free 2008 ESPY Awards ceremony
  • Virtually waste-free & carbon-neutral 2009 ESPY Awards ceremony
  • Disney (parent company of ABC/ESPN) ranks #34 in Newsweek's Green Rankings of the S&P 500

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